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South Portland, Maine

Red's Dairy Freeze has been serving Greater Portland with the finest in soft serve and frozen yogurt for 68 years. 

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We have discontinued curbside pickup and are now doing counter service. For everyone's safety, please socially distance and wear a face mask.

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Ultra-Pasteurized Vanilla Soft Serve Mix, 5% Milkfat


Dairy-free. Gluten-free. DOLE SOFT SERVE® true-to-fruit flavors are a delicious soft serve from one of the most recognized and trusted brands in America. It contains no cholesterol and the fruit flavors are suitable for a vegan diet.


Newberry’s is the finest non-fat, all natural low calorie soft-serve frozen yogurt on the market today. Newberry’s is sweetened with fructose (fruit sugar) and contains 4 active yogurt cultures and 2 grams of probiotics fiber per serving.


Beginning of March until the day before Memorial Day:


Memorial Day until the day before Labor Day:


Labor Day until the end of the season:



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